• Transform magazine
  • April 07, 2020


Nike stays fresh with customisable experience

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After launching Nike ID, an initiative, which made it possible to customise your own Nike shoes, in 2000, the concept had become out-dated and needed a fresh view. The new site allows more possibilities and freedom of design to the user. New York based design-company Gretel, was appointed to rebrand Nike ID. The rebrand of Nike ID to Nike By You, provides the brand with a new strategic positioning, as it embraces it’s customers individuality and provides them with an opportunity to design their own Nike shoes.

The goal with this rebrand was to adjust Nike ID to a future where technology makes it possible for everybody to customise their own sportswear. Daniel Edmundson, strategy director at Gretel says: "Nike’s audience craves creative input and the chance to be heard, and Nike needed a pivot not only in how they spoke about customised experiences, but also what the entire offering meant across the brand, inside and out. With this launch Nike is celebrating individuality, the value of being unique and standing out from the crowd.”

One of the new features in Nike By You is the use of celebrities’ Nike designs as inspiration, such as designer and DJ Heron Preston. The new version of the website suggests a more slick and user-friendly approach, alongside with a vivid use of colours encouraging creativity and innovation.

Sneaker customisation is not an unusual thing for companies to do in this sector. Other brands like Adidas and New Balance have also released creative initiatives where customers could design their own shoes from the company.