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  • August 12, 2020


Kopparberg releases new range targetting Millennial demographic

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Swedish brewery and cider company, Kopparberg, has found its place in the pink gin category as it pairs up with brand design consultancy Elmwood to make a beverage as delectable as it is aesthetically pleasing. The brewery, famous for its bestselling pear cider, has decided to move into the pink gin industry.

Given how highly competitive pink gin manufacturing is, Kopparberg recognised the necessity to set its brand apart. By commissioning Elmwood to design the bottle, Kopparberg’s Premium Strawberry & Lime Gin is bound to catch people’s eyes in a case at the pub or on the shelves of the off-licence.

Research shows the majority of drinkers don’t know what they plan to order as they enter a pub. Even when a customer has pared it down to the cocktail, a diverse collection of products within that section accost the consumer. This puts an immense amount of pressure on packaging liquor in an eye-catching bottle as it plays an inordinately active role in the product’s marketing. Many times, in a dimly lit pub, people will pick what ‘looks best.’ 

According to the Wine and Spirit Trade Association (WSTA), in 2018 alone, the total sales value of gin came to a whopping £1.9bn, nearly doubling in two years. So much gin has been consumed in the past year that the gin category has escalated two spots on the spirits leaderboard. Now, more than ever, gin distilleries are forced to fight for recognition. By creating a visual allure, Kopparberg will most likely be more adept to selection. 

Elmwood’s design draws inspiration from both the brand and the village of Kopparberg. Furthermore, the bottle attempts to provoke a storyline from sunrise to sunset.  Elmwood says, “Our idea was to take the consumer on this unexpected journey of the wild and wonderful.” Illustrated by Marcin Wolski, the case draws influence from the woodland topography of the Swedish town and experiences of rejoicing in the outdoors with friends. The label has a colorful, whimsical design impossible to miss with photogenic features. 

Targetting the Millennial demographic is crucial in the liquor business as it dictates the trends and makes up a large sum of consumers. According to the National Health Service (NHS), in 2017, 48% of individuals between the ages of 16 to 24 had consumed alcohol in the past week. Of those adolescent drinkers, 33% of men and 27% of women drank more than 12 and nine units, respectively, on their heaviest drinking day. Pink gin has been especially popular amongst this demographic, and hopefully, by targetting this audience with the fruity flavor and charming packaging, Kopparberg Pink Gin will be successful.


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