• Transform magazine
  • November 30, 2022


Gaining the Upperhand in the gin industry

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Design agency BrandOpus has partnered with Upperhand gin to create a drink for the resilient. Founder Alberto Borin has designed and packaged his gin in conjunction with the New York, Melbourne, and London based design agency drawing immense inspiration from his life. The brand revolves around a crucial piece of advice Borin received from his parents when he was five years old, “believe, and the unexpected will come.”

BrandOpus draws inspiration from Borin’s humble childhood growing up in north-east Italy, tarot cards, and the judo athlete's lucky number to encapsulate the strength of the self-proclaimed underdog. Reiterating the messaging of never accepting the hand one was dealt, BrandOpus seeks inspiration in the eleventh tarot card. Such portrays a damsel taming the strength of a lion, a story epitomizing one who defies all odds. Upperhand gin boasts the damsel, lion, number 11, and nugget of wisdom ‘never accept the odds XI’ on the neck label. Such intricate design is displayed in every aspect of the bottle; yet the nearly transparent, blue-tinted glass only makes this gin more delectable as it can now be illuminated in on-trade environments. 

The unique messaging and thoughtful packaging will hopefully prove to succeed. Although not the most popular gin currently, perhaps they’ll gain the upperhand, even if we doubt them.

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