• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Family owned furniture company rebrands

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Designer furniture and homewares brand, Ian Snow, puts care into creating distinct, handcrafted pieces by trusted artisans from around the world. Brand writing agency Reed Words and design studio Pattrn worked with Ian Snow to emphasise these values in a rebrand.

After investigating the brand’s points of differentiation, Reed Words and Pattrn focused on giving it a clearer voice. They decided to combine a colourful, simple and dynamic design to reflect the brand’s authenticity and creativity using clean black type and symbols. Ian Snow’s digital platform now has a clearer user experience with newly redesigned small drawings representing the company’s values on the homepage. The website is also more attractive thanks to the colour contrasts on product pictures and the simple layout of the different menus.

Starting in 1969 when founder, Ian Snow, went on a journey and discovered Indian artisans, the company then grew with support from Snow’s wife Jakki Moase. It is still a family business today as Snow’s daughters India and Daisy are currently taking the brand forward.

This handover is one of the many distinctive features Reed Words wanted to point out, as it shows the strength of a family brand and is also a great example of gender equity. The agency decided to put a warm family picture in the website’s ‘about us’ section, complemented by a short spontaneous explanation of the brand by the two daughters.

But what has always made Ian Snow different is its will to be distinguished by its ethical manufacturing and sustainable development-friendly values, such as fair trade and recycling. The new company director Daisy Snow knows it is now time to enhance them by putting them in the centre of the brand's equity.

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