• Transform magazine
  • January 27, 2023


CUNA partners with BrandCap to launch new consumer-facing campaign

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Though it has been over a decade since the Great Recession, the image of banks among consumers as a necessary evil has not improved significantly.

The Credit Union National Association (CUNA), the only national association advocating on behalf of all of America’s credit unions, has the mission of providing Americans with a more scrupulous alternative in money management.  To increase the number of credit union members, CUNA has collaborated with global performance branding specialist BrandCap to launch the ‘Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union’ campaign, CUNA’s largest ever consumer-facing campaign.

The cornerstone of the campaign is the dispelling of two prominent myths - uncovered through research conducted by Washington D.C.-based communications consulting firm Glover Park Group - which dissuade many Americans from joining credit unions. First, people often do not believe they are eligible to join a credit union, and even if they are, concern still arises over whether credit unions are restricted to local usage.

The most important tool CUNA has developed as a part of the campaign to counter these myths is its newly launched website, www.yourmoneyfurther.com. It grants instant access to pertinent information about credit unions, such as a visitor’s eligibility, rate offerings and perhaps most importantly, a straightforward explanation of what a credit union is.  

On the campaign’s creative front, it features a variety of black-and-white portraiture, sharply displaying the eclecticism of the American population. These portraits feature people’s hands close to their eyes, demonstrating how progress and development, commonly associated with hand work, can only be attained if one has a clear perspective on the work ahead, symbolized by the eyes.  

The major selling point for CUNA is the non-profit status of credit unions, meaning all the money profited by these organisations is reinvested into improvements for consumers. Mike Brooks, campaign lead of BrandCap, says, “When you think about it, it’s so obvious that a credit union is better for you. It’s simple – you get more from your money if you join one. The challenge is shaking people of the apathy that pervades financial services and convincing a sceptical national audience to re-assess their current providers.”

CUNA has made the resources of its campaign available to every credit union in America to rapidly spread awareness about the benefits of credit unions for Americans wanting to do more with the money earned in the workplace.