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  • August 13, 2020


Wind of change rustles leaves at Sydney’s Royal Botanic Garden

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Located in the heart of Sydney, Australia, the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney spreads across 74 acres and counts 202 years of heritage as one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney has now appointed Australian branding and design agency Hulsbosch to update its brand identity for the first time since its foundation, strategically establishing itself as one of Australia’s top scientific organisations.

Hulsbosch was tasked with creating a new brand campaign that would promote the garden for both being a scenic and tranquil place to visit and walk around admiring horticultural displays, but also an institution that excels at scientific research and innovation with a lab that tries to find solutions to the world’s most serious environmental and biodiversity problems.

Anthony Dunsford, director of visitor experience at Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, says, “The gardens were opened in 1816 and Hulsbosch has successfully continued the story of the brand. Hulsbosch has delivered an exceptional brand campaign that helps demystify but also connect people, across many touchpoints, with the issues of nature today. It gives strength to our position and deliberate voice for the future. It’s a case of brand saving science.”

Hulsbosch conducted research to determine its approach to the campaign, gathering information from stakeholders, supporters and volunteers. Additionally, the agency reviewed and measured how the brand differentiates itself from its competitors, especially in regard to authoritative science-driven activity.

Jaid Hulsbosch, director at Hulsbosch, says, “The compelling and inspiring brand idea ‘The Vital Science’ reinforces and importantly emphasises the active output of the scientists and horticulturists, not the location where it’s done. It’s an overarching communication to enrich awareness and make people really think about ways to safeguard their futures.”

‘The Vital Science’ brand tagline captures all Royal Botanic Garden Sydney implementations, enhancing the focal point of the brand campaign, which are the bold visual elements that support the headline statements.

All the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney communications are based around powerful images that showcase the garden’s scientific projects, as well as everyday items that could be under threat due to environmental issues the garden tries to find solutions for.

The rollout consists, among others, of double sided flags, gate banners, entrance posters and A-frame signage. Furthermore, a full line of merchandise will be released along with new digital assets for the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney website and social media touchpoints.

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