• Transform magazine
  • February 28, 2021


#TransformTuesday: 17 July


Every week, Transform examines recent rebrands and updated visual identities. This week's picks are below. For more from #TransformTuesday, follow @Transformsays



Global event and sports business consultancy 4global mixes an evidence-based approach with new technologies and insight to allow clients to deliver on their objectives. Following a period of strong growth, 4global has rebranded - it was clear the existing brand did not reflect current business or future ambition to become a trusted advisor in sport. Partnering with brand and communications agency Brand Oath, 4global implemented a full rebrand programme, using Brand Oath’s specialism in sport communications projects to deliver an integrated and fully updated identity. With imagery, digital assets and an associated marketing framework, 4global presents a forward-facing identity with the future of sport in mind.


Frist Art Museum

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, the Frist Art Museum - previously known as the Frist Center for the Visual Arts - has updated its name, logo and overall identity to clarify its offering. In a rebrand project led by global brand and design consultancy Pentagram, the museum reflects the art-deco aesthetic of its first font and logo - a stylised ’S’ adds personality to the structure. Housed in a 1932-build post office, Pentagram also intends the rebrand to inject heritage-led personality into the building and its artefacts. This approach included renaming the centre and reneging ‘visual arts’ from its strapline, which it was decided was too akin to a performance venue.



Cotswolds-based brand and communications consultancy Brand Cooke has unveiled a new identity, guidelines and brand system for train operating company London North East Railway (LNER), previously Virgin Trains East Coast. Retaining the corporate red colour palette ubiquitous to the Virgin brand, the new identity is nonetheless unique to LNER which is now owned by the Department for Transport. Brand Cooke says, “The bold but simple typography of LNER and the dynamic directional N acts as bold divider device for colour and images. Not everyone will know what LNER stands for so we also designed a descriptor to spell it out. We developed a secondary logo device, which we call the ‘North East Corner’, which always appears in the top right hand corner.”



Demographically one of Poland’s youngest cities, Rybnik is located in the south west of the country, near the Czechia border. Historically a fish farming and mining economy, the urban conglomeration is shifting towards an urbanised, diverse economy - its new place identity, developed by Krakow, Poland-based Studio Otwarte, combines aspects of this future-facing perspective with the city’s heritage, such as the imagery found in its stained glass windows. Regarding the new logo, the studio says, “The way in which the [previous] coat of arms was drawn made it impossible to simplify and use it in modern media. That is why it had to be drawn from scratch for the new visual identity. Drawn with a thicker line, the simplified "heraldic logo" can now be freely scaled and placed on various backgrounds and reproduced in different techniques.”



Despite rebranding (and being featured in #TransformTuesday) just a year ago, Leeds, UK-based credit referencing agency Callcredit has rebranded following a £1bn acquisition in June. The company previously known as Callcredit has assumed the parent company’s name, Transunion, although the logo will include ‘Formerly Callcredit’ for the near future. With an international presence and losing on the New York Stock Exchange, TransUnion’s takeover aims to better integrate the brand and deliver better service to customer. "Migrating the Callcredit business name to TransUnion will allow us to fully leverage the benefits that the integration brings and enable us to deliver even more to our customers in the UK and across the global markets that TransUnion serves,” says international president David Neenan.