• Transform magazine
  • February 26, 2020


Russian Opera and Ballet Theatre achieves global recognition with rebrand

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The Ekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre has a 106-year history as it is one of the oldest opera theatres in Russia. Located in Ekaterinburg and housed in an elaborate theatre of baroque aesthetic, the theatre hosts both opera and ballet productions, including classics such as La Boheme, Carmen, and Madama Butterfly, Giselle, Swan Lake and the Nutcracker.

The historic opera and ballet theatre has now been renamed to Ural Opera Ballet. The new name is more international and easier to pronounce than the previous, allowing the theatre to reinvent itself and adopt a new identity.

The rebrand, designed by local firm Voskhod, aims at establishing the theatre on an international level, while modernising its image and extending its influence beyond Russia.

Voskhod writes, “A new identity was necessary for repositioning the theatres as a successful modern cultural institution that shapes the trends of opera and ballet art not only in Russia but throughout the world. We were inspired by bright performances and the history of the theatre, located in the heart of the Ural industrial region. Expression of theatrical performances was reflected in a dynamic sign imitating dance movements, sound and light vibrations.”

While the old logo was basic and dated, with a depiction of the theatre’s building and simple typography, the new logo is drastically different, sporting a modern and bold look that helps the theatre reach a new, younger audience.

The logo consists of two conflicting features, a sharp wordmark and a soft and blurry monogram of the letter ‘u’ that offers the illusion of motion. The ‘a’ in ‘Opera’ the only letter written in unicase font. The variety offered by the use of both rounded and squared-off letters creates an unexpected and interesting image.

The new identity is used across all brand touchpoints and social media outlets. It is also deployed across the entirety of the theatre’s advertising materials, as well as on the brand’s merchandise.

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