• Transform magazine
  • January 24, 2020


Rare brings back trust to dairy products


Dairy products have been on the receiving end of bad press recently, with dieticians, doctors and public health campaigns warning about the concerns of dairy consumption, not only for people’s health, but also for animal welfare. This, has made many turn to dairy alternatives, investing in purpose-led brands considered more sustainable and ethical.

Talking this into consideration, London-based brand agency, PB Creative, built a new identity for Rare, a cooperative organic dairy brand that works with farmers of native British breeds to enhance the British industry and bring quality dairy products to people’s homes. 

Co-director of PB Creative, Ben Lamberts, says, “The current dairy system doesn’t work. It’s not good for consumers, cows or farmers. We wanted to celebrate the cows, so we made them the star of the show. The strategy behind the brand, the way the packaging looks, the products themselves, all point to these remarkable heritage breeds.”

Standing at the high-end of the spectrum, Rare’s products, which include curds, shakes, milks and cheeses, are made with the milk from different animal breeds, each of which has a different flavour, thickness and nutrition facts.

For the design of the packaging, PB Creative drew inspiration from the various colourings of the animal breeds used. The packaging of every product sees an illustration of its corresponding animal breed on the front, enabling people to make a connection between the product and its origin.The challenge for PB Creative was to create an identity that unifies all the independent farmers under the Rare brand, creating consistency not only regarding to the brand’s visuals, but also its tone of voice.

The logo features a simple black circle that contains the wordmark in a simple and elegant typeface. PB Creative says the different elements within the logo represent a cow horn, a cow’s ear and droplets of milk.

Highlighting the purpose behind the brand, 5% of every purchase of Rare’s products, goes to the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, a conservation charity that fights to ensure the continued existence and viability of the native farm animals across the UK.

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