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  • June 02, 2020


Propercorn’s recipe for success

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Propercorn, a purveyor of healthy and GM-free popcorn, came to be when co-founder Cassandra Stavrou noticed that low-calorie and organic snacks was becoming a big selling trend due to the fact that buyers were becoming mindful of the quality of the products they consumed.

Propercorn has now revealed a distinct new visual for its products. With the help of seven illustrators from around the world, the brand’s in-house creative team custom-made exclusive packaging for each flavour of popcorn. Keeping the trademark bright colour aesthetic, the new designs sport different graphic styles.

Propercorn’s head creative, Becky Akers, says, “Our varied portfolio of flavours really sets us apart, but these individual taste profiles needed more personality injecting on pack. We’ve turned to some of our favourite illustrators to help each flavour come alive with its own playful aesthetic. Textural peanut hills, vanilla pod boats and sun-drenched chilli trees – every pack has a bespoke approach, deserving the same craft and attention that we pour into making the recipes in the first place.”

However this is not the first time Propercorn has experimented with its visual identity. Since its launch in 2011, the popcorn brand has had three redesigns of its logo and packaging. This time, the creative team has chosen to invest in graphic designers’ talents across the globe and swap monochrome landscapes for colourful illustrations.

In the framework of the redesign, Propercorn has also introduced to the market a new logo and a simpler, sans serif font for the flavour names. The illustration of popcorn remains the same, while the kernel size has increased and Pantone colours have been brightened for a bolder impact.

Stavrou says, “We’ve come a long way since I sketched our first packs on the back of an envelope eight years ago but have been unwavering in our belief that to thrive, businesses need to put creativity at the heart. For Propercorn, there’s no better place to showcase and celebrate creativity than on our packs. I’m hugely excited that we’re able to give a platform to all this incredible, upcoming talent and can’t wait to see their names taking pride of place on pack.”

Propercorn’s ongoing effort to evolve, adapt and improve is evidence of a resilience for its survival in the industry. According to the Financial Times, Propercorn is Europe's fifth fastest growing company and the UK's bestselling gourmet popcorn brand.

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