• Transform magazine
  • August 13, 2020


Mortgage services company rebrands as the ‘home of home ownership’

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Trussle, a UK- based mortgage service company, has launched a rebrand with the promise of making the process of home ownership a simple, stress-free and gratifying experience by using technology as a means to modernise the traditionally complex process.

The mortgage services company has followed the footsteps of a number of mortgage agencies in recent months such as First Complete, Pink, Online Mortgage Advisors and Lenda, which have all updated their companies by adopting new, more social media-friendly brands.

Trussle assigned branding agency Ragged Edge to design a new visual and verbal identity for the fintech startup whose new technology that aims to compete with traditional financial methods in the delivery of financial services. Along with the rebrand, the agency collaborated with UnLtd Inc and Squadron Venture Media to build an advertising campaign to introduce the ‘home of home ownership’ brand to UK consumers.

Trussle’s founder and CEO, Ishaan Malhi, says, “There‘s too much jargon, too much complexity and not enough transparency. Millions of people lose out financially, and emotionally, as a result. At Trussle, we’re tackling this head on. We’re making the mortgage journey simpler and more intuitive, removing lots of the hurdles and helping save people money in the process.”

In an effort to tackle disinterest in mortgages, the branding agency produced and illustrated a poster campaign. At the same time, UnLtd Inc created two TV commercials that try to explain in good-humoured manner the product. The use of puns and wordplays in the video testifies to the company’s desire to reach a new, younger audience.

Max Ottignon, co-founder of Ragged Edge, says, “Homes are where people build their lives, families, and futures, so we worked with the Trussle team to create a brand that could stand for far more than finance. Trussle opens doors at every stage of the home ownership journey. This central thought led to a brand idea – ‘Open Doors’ – that could manifest itself across every area of the business, from design, to product development, to customer service.”

Ragged Edge used inspiration from an architect’s blueprint and decided to mimic the same technique to design Trussle’s logo, as well as the foundation of a flexible graphic system to accompany the style of illustrations created within the branding company. The new slogan addressed to customers, ‘The home of home ownership,’ inspires confidence, while the voice used in the company’s advertising video is welcoming and friendly, evoking comfort and security.

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