• Transform magazine
  • February 27, 2020


Dynamic identity for Genius ‘Good for the Gut’ sub-brand

  • B&B studio, Genius - Beetroot wraps.jpg
  • B&B studio, Genius - Beetroot wrap pack.jpg

Genius Gluten Free, the bakery line that offers free-form products for people with dietary restrictions, has released two wraps in its ‘Good for the Gut’ range, which is set to roll out six products this year. The visual identity for the new range was designed by graphic design agency B&B Studio, the agency that also led Genius’ rebrand in 2017.

Shaun Bowen, creative partner at B&B studio, says, “After the success of the new brand identity for Genius Gluten Free last year, we wanted to retain the consistency and recognisability of the brand whilst also creating vivid and engaging designs for the new range, strengthening Genius’ position as a market-leader, and enabling it to continue to challenge mainstream brands.”

Differentiating itself from Genius’ competitors in the free-from and benefit-led category that often adopt a scientific approach to their branding, B&B Studio has chosen a playful and colourful look for the newly introduced ‘Good for the Gut’ range, that uses bold imagery, a vibrant colour palette, as well as custom graphics and illustrations. 

For the design of the packaging, B&B Studio drew inspiration from the shapes, colours and flavours of the products’ ingredients, creating unique patterns on brightly-coloured backgrounds that are eye-catching and stand out on the shelf.

Following the new brand identity B&B Studio designed for Genius Gluten last year, the brand for the new product range consists of the iconic blue Genius logo that enhances the brand’s recognisability, along with a thought bubble that references the creativity and thoughtfulness of the brand.

By incorporating these familiar brand elements into the identity for the ‘Good for the Gut’ range, B&B Studio was able to retain the consistency of the brand whilst enabling more creative freedom across the wider design.

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