• Transform magazine
  • June 26, 2022


Dog health supplement brand unites pet health and happiness

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Pet ownership is a lot like parenthood. Pet owners are always on the lookout for ways to ensure a happy, healthy and long life for their furry companions.

For that reason, brand innovation agency Spicefire, has revealed a brand identity for the new dog health supplement Happy Go Healthy, which allows pets to live a full, healthy life. Created by animal nutritionists, the supplement is suitable for all breeds, regardless of the size, and offers support to dogs’ bones, skin and guts.

Beth Hoskins, brand director at Spicefire, says, “When dogs feel good they have more energy for life. As dog-owners ourselves, we were happy to rely heavily on our gut instincts with this project. We were looking for ways to connect with other dog-owners on an emotional level rather than leaning too heavily on the science behind the product, which is something we noticed a lot of competitors do.”

Spicefire was responsible for the name of the brand, coming up with ‘Happy Go Healthy’ on the premise that a healthy pet is also a happy one. The supplement focuses solely on offering a quality life to the pets, especially older dogs.

Furthermore, Spicefire was tasked with designing a consistent brand identity across Happy Go Healthy’s applications, both digital and in print, such as the website, the e-commerce platform, the packaging imagery and the copy material.

Jeff Wallace, group director at Spicefire, says, “At Spicefire we like to ‘get real’ as quickly as possible – that means giving the client realistic brand assets early in the process, so we can work together to tweak the final version. This is especially important for direct-to-consumer brands, which need to get their income stream up and running sooner rather than later, so the brand needs to be created quickly and with enough flex for it to evolve. Direct-to-consumer brands can be tweaked as they go in direct response to consumer feedback, making them more agile.”

The packaging shows a dog leaping out of the letter ‘o,’ displaying the active lifestyle a dog could potentially have. To further promote the and healthy, action-oriented lifestyle a dog could achieve by consuming ‘Happy Go Healthy,’ phrases like ‘eat well,’ ‘play hard,’ ‘go fetch,’ ‘run’ and ‘jump’ are also scattered across the packaging.

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