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  • August 06, 2020


Colourful rebrand revealed for science programme Tomorrow Today

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While world-transforming scientific breakthroughs are responsible for the progress of the past, in order to maintain a culture of prosperity, knowledge must be passed onto future generations. By creating educational programmes on topics such as science and technology, innovators are able to educate today’s youth and empower the leaders of tomorrow.

Fostering a culture of innovation, educational science programme Tomorrow Today, broadcast by Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW), has collaborated with Amsterdam-based design agency CapeRock to reveal an updated design that encaptures a modern perception of science.

Enriching curious minds with weekly updates on scientific topics in research, technology and innovation, Tomorrow Today was in need of a refreshed identity better fit for the dynamic and cutting-edge landscape it accounts for.

As the basis of Tomorrow Today’s work, science was the inspiration behind its redesign. Engaging and unique, the new design features a spectrum of bright colours and uplifting music designed to convey feelings of fascination and curiosity. By adopting tables and units, the design pays homage to the programme’s scientific foundation.

In addition to the new design and music, CapeRock developed a variety of on-air graphics inspired by current scientific findings in nature and technology. Adaptable and far-reaching, the on-air graphic system is produced in nine different languages, and the programme itself can be broadcast in 161 countries.

As advertised on DW’s website, the programme aims to serve as a “weekly dose of science knowledge” for its consumers. By rebranding its identity with colourful visuals and incorporating a new tagline, ‘Science brings colour into life,’ Tomorrow Today now not only informs its audience but engages it in a fresh and exciting way.  

The initiative to rebrand unveils German programmes’ shared interest in taking on bolder and more unique brand identities. By collaborating with CapeRock, DW takes advantage of the design agency’s Dutch heritage in order to bring something new to the table.

Partner and strategy Director of CapeRock Marco-Paul de Jeu says, "Our experience is that Germany is increasingly open to modernisation and innovation. As a Dutch party, we have the advantage of taking a fresh look at German programmes. We also work with a culturally diverse team of six different nationalities. This, in combination with the Dutch culture, ensures an interesting broad vision and flexibility in the work we deliver''.

In addition to working on Tomorrow Today, CapeRock has redesigned three other programmes by German broadcasters: ZDF’s Mittagsmagazin and WISO and DW’s MADE. Similar to the redesign for Tomorrow Today, the design agency worked on a variety of elements including the visual concept, the motion design, the studio graphics and the music.

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ZDF Mittagsmagazin is a news programme that provides in-depth news after the morning headlines. The new design literally peels off the different layers of information to get to the truth of daily reality.


WISO is the German consumer programme that researches products and services. WISO's design is dynamic and flexible, helping to create clarity and transparency.


MADE showcases successful entrepreneurs who are redefining the workplace and examines the risks and benefits of digitalisation and disruptive innovation. It is broadcast in 161 countries and in 9 different languages by Deutsche Welle. A strong word mark has been created by centralizing the word MADE. The new look, with its colourful and distinct graphics, is that of a modern business magazine.