• Transform magazine
  • February 26, 2020


Coffee company adopts new identity to ‘Unleash the flavour’

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London-based creative brand agency Studio More has collaborated with Manchester-based coffee company Cool Cold Brew (CCB), working closely with its founder, to design a brand identity, that captures the essence of the brand and allow for growth and evolution.

CCB’s objectives are to reach a bigger audience by selling its products across big supermarket chains, despite the niche nature of the high quality coffee products.

To do that, Studio More was tasked with making the competitive and large food and beverages market understand the brand’s notion and ethos. Taking as a starting point the fact that CCB’s coffee is manually brewed for over 16 hours in filtered water for a full body taste, they develop a brand idea that focuses on the experience CCB offer, ‘Unleashing the flavour.’

The name of the brand was another major decision to be made. To go with the ‘Unleashing the flavour’ idea, the name had to reflect the production method and communicate the quality of the product. Therefore, the simple, memorable name, Cool Cold Brew, was implemented.

Studio More’s brand design is based on the demonstration of the brewing process and the natural flavour. The core idea is also highlighted across all the brand’s social outlets and touchpoints, both digital and in print. The brand design uses a smooth and sleek logo with different colour variants that offers a fresh, playful and contemporary feel.

CCB’s launch has proved successful, with CCB reaching its full amount only three days after launching a crowdfunding campaign and surpassing its goal by 65%, four weeks after.

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