• Transform magazine
  • December 12, 2019


Apple, Lego and PlayStation top ‘most relevant brands’ ranking

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To determine the most relevant brands to people’s lives, Prophet conducted a survey where 11,500 UK consumers were asked about more than 240 brands across 27 industries. The relevance of each brand was estimated based on four core brand principles: customer obsession, ruthless pragmatism, pervasive innovation, and distinctive inspiration.

Prophet, an international brand and marketing consultancy, has revealed the results of the ‘Brand Relevance Index,’ an index that ranks the brands according to their relevancy in today’s market. This year marks the fourth year of the research.

As expected, at the top of the rank for the UK, Apple has once again upheld its position for the third consecutive year. Lego has climbed up the rank from fourth to second, while PlayStation sees an increase in relevancy, achieving a jump from ninth to third. Additionally, Fitbit and the NHS are seen for the first time in the top 10, kicking out Dyson and Lush.

Going further down the ranks, highlights include Nationwide becoming the first financial services brand to enter the top 50 and Uber being the company with the biggest increase in relevancy, moving up 146th 26th in just one year. Uber has managed to redeem itself from the controversies linked to its brand, by offering optimum customer experience.

Rune Gustafson, president EMEA at Prophet, says, “Besides being technology-led disruptive companies, what many of the top 10 have in common is that they’re fast earning consumer trust by leveraging data to enhance the brand experience and connect with consumers on a deeper and more personal level.”

More key findings of the research revealed that home-grown brands are falling behind, purpose is a determining factor for a brand to be considered as relevant to today’s consumers and personalised experiences are deeply appreciated in the industry.

Gustafson says, “By finding new ways to delight, surprise and exceed expectations, relevant brands are not only winning the hearts, minds and loyalty of consumers, they’re also winning financially too by outperforming the FTSE Index by 73% over the last decade.”

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