• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Menswear brand brings LA style to UK

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Tapping into a popular sector, the fashion industry is truly making greater efforts to engage consumers by focussing on brand. Rebranding logos, websites, brand personalities or identities can breathe new life into a business or product.

Many American brands -such as Urban Outfitters, Forever21, Gap and a great deal of new small or medium sized businesses- are entering the UK. Retaining their own unique style of garment, they are receiving attention from the target audience. One of which is a new Venice Beach menswear brand -General Admission- is extending its business to the UK and has unveiled a new brand.

General Admission is a menswear brand and multi-brand retailer founded by Gavin Dogan and Dooma Fahrenfort in 2015 at Los Angeles’ Venice Beach. It has revamped its brand identity and website by partnering with the LA-based design/technology studio Use All Five. Instead of building within the confines of templates, Use All Five took a different approach by combining the e-commerce software’s API with Wordpress’ API.

In a world where consumers are able to buy almost any brand from anywhere, Use All Five differentiated GA’s website by incorporating a voice to General Admission, creating a site with a focus on both products and content. Content on the retailer’s blog and even on individual brand landing pages gives a voice to why the retailer is excited to work with the brands they sell, giving consumers more on why specific items were selected to sell.

Now the layout of the new website design is manageable and easy to access for the audience. The new design blends the two worlds of 'bad-boi' sensibility with a clean and functional e-commerce experience to reflect the easygoing west coast lifestyle. The website’s imagery promotes an airy feeling with natural light playing up the Southern California aspect of the brand.

General Admission's content has an opinion and a point of difference — punk-rock, California classic, clean cut with a pinch of attitude embracing that of the California community. The retailer continues to inspire West Coast lifestyle in the digital space with a 'Rumors' blog featuring original content about California art and culture.

With this alteration of it's visual identity and a new content-driven website, General Admission is now ready to innovate for the fashion sector.