• Transform magazine
  • January 18, 2020


Sporting a new look

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Since its launch in 1990, Lucozade Sport has dominated the market for sports drinks in the UK. Now, in the face of stiff competition and a more health conscious market, it has undergone the biggest rebrand of its 25-year history.

Independent London-based design agency, Bloom, has designed the new identity and packaging for the fruit-flavoured isotonic drink. New features include a modern, colour-centric design and a new bottle shape.

In a reaction to the growth of a more calorie-conscious consumer market, Lucozade Sport Lite has also renamed to Lucozade Sport Low-cal.

The new products feature a range of brightly coloured lids to make the drink’s flavour easily distinguishable. This is in contrast to its previous iteration, where it was claimed by some that neither the colour or flavour of the drink was immediately apparent.

Head of planning for Bloom, Ed Hayes, says, “The design needed to have a more universal appeal, speaking to a new generation of consumers driven more by personal, self-improvement goals. We also wanted to future-proof the design, ensuring that it will remain relevant as sporting culture further evolves.”

The move also reflects a perceived shift in the consumer audience of the drink, with the new bottle featuring a textured grip. This reflects a move by the company to shift their attention increasingly towards use of the drink during sports, with the grip specifically designed to make this easier.

Lucozade Sport head of marketing, Steven Hind, says, “Lucozade Sport is the go to brand for active lifestyles and fitness but it’s important we stay up to date and give our loyal fan-base the best possible experience when using our drinks.”

Lucozade hopes the bottle’s eye-catching aesthetic will drive sales. Lucozade Sport continues to be the best-selling sports drink on the UK market, with an estimated value of £104m.