• Transform magazine
  • August 12, 2020


Open to sustainable energy


In an era where energy security and renewable alternatives are increasingly at the top of political, economic and environmental agendas, positioning conventional energy companies as a preferable alternative to their competitors creates unique branding challenges.

An active attempt to participate in an ever-changing energy market is welcomed by investors and agencies. This forward projection is thus a main focus in the new collaborative effort between creative consultancy Wolff Olins, and Rome-based energy company, Enel Group.

Enel Group strived towards establishing the concept of ‘openness’ as an underlying theme of its new brand positioning, a trait perceived as particularly valuable in the energy market. Openness is not only in relation to transparency, however. By being more open, the company is therefore more available to investment, which in turn leads to the attraction of new customers and a more global market.

The conceived brand is thus named Open Power, reflecting the vision of sustainability and internationality the company aims to achieve.

In a new visual identity – which has been rolled out across mobile devices – the Enel Group website and its logo, Wollf Olins has taken the concept of ‘openness’ and applied it in a practical sense.

Chris Moody, creative director at Wolff Olins, says, “At the start of the creative process we explored how to visualise different kinds of power, including kinetic energy, physical phenomena and data driven systems.”

“Using what we learned from our experiments, we put a cursor at the heart of the new brand; it’s the starting point of an energy that is always moving, and visually echoes the core behind the power of a light bulb – the filament.”