• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Traditional, but not bland

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Brand and Deliver launches its first campaign in the financial services sector with the new identity for Davidsohn, a US-based technology company.

The financial services company commissioned the rebrand in the run-up to its planned expansion into Europe. The new brand works to unite Davidsohn’s eight separate services under an umbrella brand. It also has to allow for future add-ons and new services.

The new design uses a set of letters that are shaped by a so-called Golden Ratio; presumably a means for creating consistency in the letters and across the overall design. The visual identity also uses a bright colour palette; not a traditional choice for a financial services company but perhaps more a reflection of the technology aspects of the business offering and the modern associations that come with that.

Brand and Deliver design director, Rob Pratt, says, “This design scheme is unique within the financial services sector, bringing a number of core elements together to create a distinctive look and feel which make the Davidsohn brand and its products instantly recognisable. It was equally important when developing the creative design to acknowledge Davidsohn as being both historically prestigious as well as an innovator and reinventor.”

Davidsohn’s previous brand is far more typical of the traditional sector’s bad habits; navy and gray and lacking in distinctiveness.

Davidsohn develops technology that is used by over 90% of leading financial firms.