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  • February 21, 2020



Five minutes with Tasha Lenton

Tasha Lenton.jpg

Tasha Lenton is client director at media agency UM. She talks about brand authenticity and picking a purpose How can a brand earn authenticity over time? The word ‘earn’ is key,...

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Five minutes with Steve Aldridge

Steve Aldridge.jpg

Steve Aldridge is the chief creative officer of Wunderman Thomson UK. He discusses creativity and brand innovation How can brands keep being relevant? What is the key to innovati...

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Five minutes with Tino Schaedler

Tino Schaedler.jpg

Tino Schaedler is chief design officer at Optimist, with experience with clients such as Google, Nike and Disney. He discusses branding and digital campaigns, and the importance of VR and immersive experiences in the digital...

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Five minutes with Joel Davis

Joelimage2015-11-27 14.24.10-2.jpeg

Co-founder of tech agency Mighty Social, Joel Davis has experience working with companies that strive for differentiation in the digital era. He discusses future trends and opportunities....

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Five minutes with Charlie Warwick


As the EMEA head of futures practice at Kantar, Charlie Warwick has experience designing strategic approaches to help clients shape innovation. She discusses brands and purpose, sharing insights on how to predict future busin...

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Five Minutes With Mike Sharpe

Mike Sharpe - Founder and Creative Director - Found Studio.jpg

Found Studio creative director and founder Mike Sharpe believes in the power of visual storytelling. Here he talks about the principles of storytelling and the advantages of film for brand development...

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Five minutes with Mike Nolan

Mike Nolan CEO Product of the Year (2) - Headshot.jpg

Mike Nolan, CEO of Product of the Year, is a brand expert with an eye on emerging consumer trends and behaviours. He discusses brand reputation and loyalty in the digital age How...

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Five minutes with Adam Rix

Adam Rix.jpg

As a creative director at brand agency Music, Adam Rix has experience with branding and campaigns for all sizes of brands. He discusses design and building a strong identity to support the business’ mission...

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Five minutes with Lee Trott

Lee Trott.jpg

As a senior copywriter at Oliver, Lee Trott has worked with brands such as Sony, GSK, Brother and NFU Mutual. He discusses brand purpose and choosing the right battles for your business...

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Five minutes with Travis Stratford

Travis Stratford, Managing Partner and Co-Founder-Case- 25.03.2019.jpg

Managing partner and co-founder at integrated brand agency Case, Travis Stratford has a portfolio in user-centric brand experiences for beauty, lifestyle and wellness brands. He discusses design and storytelling for social-fi...

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