• Transform magazine
  • April 04, 2020



Motion inspires new visual identity for New York dance company

gretel 1.jpg

New York-based design studio Gretel revealed the new brand design behind the Stefanie Nelson Dancegroup (SND), ahead of the group’s 20th anniversary. New York-based d...

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Music sets the stage for theatre company rebrand


For most national arts companies, there is a logical home venue, a landmark of sorts to help attract attendees and build awareness. But, that model may preclude an audience beyond those already interested in theatre f...

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Name, place and identity in local theatre branding


It’s a tale of two theatres. It’s the Kiln versus the Tricycle. It’s old versus new. It’s history versus future. It’s broadcast versus dialogue. And it’s not how the story of a rebrand is supposed to be told....

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The Arts Society rebrands with timeless aesthetic


According to the Creative Industries website, in 2015 the UK’s cultural organisations contributed £27bn to the economy and created 642,000 sector jobs. This follows a general trend of growth in the arts and herit...

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Hull City of Culture


In November 2013, the UK city of Kingston upon Hull, more commonly known as Hull, was bestowed the title of 2017 UK City of Culture. Some nominees, as well as the public at large, were surprised by the news. Yet this...

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Opinion – Nick Sims


What is it that makes one brand stand out more than another? Why do some people drink Coke over Pepsi, visit Lisbon over Barcelona, or fly British Airways rather than Virgin Atlantic? With very little setting these things apart fro...

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