• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


UK’s largest children’s charity reveals latest brand update

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Having supported children, young people and their families across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for 150 years, Branardo’s sought the help of The Clearing to design a new brand identity. By engaging with over 4,000 people, the London-based brand agency was able to devise a new brand promise: “Feel like you belong”.

The new direction for Barnardo’s was based on research which indicated many children did not know what the charity was or how it could help them. As well as helping with brand recall, the new identity aims to inspire more people to donate, volunteer and shop in its stores.

Jonathan Hubbard, creative director at The Clearing, says, “The aim was to create a modern, distinct and exciting brand that reflects what Barnardo’s is today. While Barnardo’s has been evolving as a charity, the existing brand was still rooted in the past. Despite its scale and impact, most people are unaware of what Barnardo’s does and the association with Barnardo’s is still limited to children’s homes. The brand had also started to feel more corporate and was missing the vital connection with young people.

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“Barnardo’s needed a brand evolution, positioning it as part of the solution and not simply talking about the problems, making it meaningful and exciting for children, young people, families, carers, supporters, commissioners, funders, partners and local communities.” 

Identifying Barnardo’s team on the ground as what made the charity special, The Clearing crafted “Feel like you belong”, its new brand promise. From there, the agency asked children from across Barnardo’s to draw the first letter of their name which were then used as the brand’s new bespoke typeface and graphic shapes.


Pete Dewar, founding partner at The Clearing, adds, “Like most children’s charities, Barnardo’s was designed to communicate with adults about children but not directly to the children themselves. The new tone of voice we developed allows Barnardo’s to show that they really understand what matters to children and young people and gives them a way to amplify the voices and experiences of a wide range of children, young people and families. So that whether they already know Barnardo’s or not, they can see themselves in the brand and the community.”