• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Chromatic redefines Economics of Mutuality identity


The Economics of Mutuality Alliance is a partnership of two non-profit and two for-profit organisations with the aim of advancing stakeholder capitalism through its own operating model. Focusing specifically on addressing complex challenges in society, it turned to Chromatic to reimagine its brand in order to win additional client engagements and expand its leadership trainee activities.

The Economics of Mutuality (EoM) came about as a result of a business innovation programme led by Mars Inc. The Alliance opposes shareholder capitalism, which it considers to fracture communities and destroy the environment. To combat this, EoM developed its own operating model which offers an alternative, multi-stakeholder system based on the principle of mutual value creation.

Moving on from being a philosophy to an actual practice, EoM needed its organisation to be reimagined in order to meet the increasing demand for tangible means of overcoming societal challenges in a profitable manner.


London-based strategic and creative consulting firm Chromatic initially reviewed business philosophy competitors (like CSR and ESG). Concluding that EoM has the power to change the activities of businesses, not just merely record their impact, the consultancy defined EoM as a “proven operating model that drives superior value creation through impact-led management practices.”

From there, a family of names, including Mutual Value Labs and Mutual Value Investments, and taglines were crafted in order to give the Alliance a clear brand identity structure. Its new, multi-coloured brand symbol references this, indicating the Alliance is a four-fold entity.

Brown, a modern geometric sans serif typeface, is now used to create a distinctive and sophisticated feel. Brand imagery, meanwhile, shows patterns of activity seen in populations, commerce, land-use and nature.