• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


TD Bank Group sonic identity promotes inclusivity and accessibility

Toronto Dominion Bank 1969

TD Bank partnered with global audio branding agency Sixième Son to craft the American national bank’s first sonic identity. Set to be used in television, online advertising and TD ATMs, the sound moniker was created using a Rhodes electric piano.

The audio theme, played in major key, includes clapping, stomping and laughter in the background to promote hospitality. The song is upbeat and rhythmic but has the flexibility to be remixed at the brand’s discretion, which creates the opportunity to be played in different genres. This allows the TD sonic identity to be used in various contexts and advertisements. 

Tyrrell Schmidt, chief marketing officer at TD, comments, “What I'm most excited about is the ability for this to make our branding even more accessible. The TD Shield and Green Chair are highly recognisable, iconic assets. However, our customers can't experience them through increasingly popular audio-only formats or if they are visually impaired.

“We hope our sonic identity will be an important step in helping those customers feel connected to and a part of our community."