• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Lions Prep renamed Frive following new brand mission

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Frive, a UK-based food subscription service, partnered with Among Equals to rebrand and reach wider audiences with the promise of holistic ready-to-eat meals. Now leveraging taste, health and convenience in its design, Frive also uses a food tray in packaging and iconography to solidify brand recognition.

Frive, an abbreviation of “food to thrive”, now focuses on the image of a food tray based on the packaging the meals are delivered in. The tray is the foundation of the rebrand as it can be found within the updated iconography, like the dot above the i, cementing a familiar earth-toned aesthetic. The tray also solidifies the products as a ready-to-eat meal, rather than being a meal prep.


The rebranded iconography also aims to provide personality and convenience with short-hand communication. The new graphics are in the packaging sleeves, outer packaging and email templates.


Emily Jeffrey-Barrett, co-founder and creative director at Among Equals, comments, “Frive is no longer for just the gym regulars. It’s also for the busy nurses working a night shift and needing a healthy option, the parents who want something quick and nutritious at the end of a hard day.”

Frive aims to widen its audience with this new brand, reaching consumers beyond fitness enthusiasts.