• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Scottish town Falkirk reinvents its tourist destination brand

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Falkirk Council worked with Edinburgh-based design agency Brand Oath to redesign its tourist brand, Visit Falkirk. The council hopes this move will successfully reposition the Stirlingshire town as an authentic travel destination.

Falkirk, located in the Central Lowlands of Scotland, required a reinvention of its tourism brand. The updated design aims to underline Falkirk's credentials as a genuine alternative for tourists who are prepared to look beyond cliche destinations. 

Brand Oath developed a visual device called the ‘Explore Loop’. This aims to be a literal and visual articulation of inviting visitors to explore Falkirk and escape the tourist trap. 

The revised colour palette, meanwhile, harks back to the original Falkirk 'tartan' cloth design. Directly linked to the Roman occupation of Scotland, the Falkirk District Tartan is made up of vibrant colours.