• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Life Fitness unveils new product series launch campaign

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Life Fitness teamed up with Syn, a UK-based creative agency, to create a global marketing campaign for its new commercial fitness line - Symbio. With this new product line, they hope to set a new standard in commercial fitness.

Life Fitness is an American fitness company that focus on training equipment to improve cardiovascular and strength. Its newest product, Symbio, is designed to be immersive and personalised through biometrics.   


As part of the partnership, Syn created a global campaign as well as designing the product name, content production, digital experience, marketing strategy and the pre-launch global event. 


The Symbio campaign began with a teaser film in late 2023 that featured British athlete Hannah Williams.  

Harry Damen, marketing director, Health Clubs from Life Fitness, says, "The name Symbio is born from the concept of Symbiosis. We aimed to blur the lines between exerciser and equipment, creating a symbiotic synergy between human and machine to benefit the mind and body in pursuit of the ultimate cardio fitness experience."