• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Britvic releases latest sugar-free Tango limited edition drink


Available from this month for just a year, Tango Mango’s identity was designed by London-based independent design agency Bloom. Forming part of Tango’s ‘Editions’ lineup of healthier soft drinks, the sub-brand follows on from the release of its Berry Peachy and Paradise Punch drinks.

Bloom sought to craft a punchy identity when designing Tango Mango. With the products renowned for its bold flavours, the design agency aimed to reflect this when crafting its identity, ensuring every limited edition drink was a standout choice for consumers.

Stu Witter, Bloom’s associate creative director, says, “We drew inspiration from various art forms, including graffiti and street culture, infusing cultural relevance into our graphics. Our design concept, which we call Tiger Style, draws from hip hop and street creativity, blending graffiti elements with the intricate detailing seen in custom car culture.

“We’ve also incorporated the vibrant colours of mango into the work, creating a pattern that’s not only eye-catching on pack but also adaptable to streetwear, merchandise and interior design. Using a mix of bold marker pens and streetwear influences, we’ve created a brand look and feel that celebrates both urban culture and the tangy essence of the fruit, as well as the drink’s sugar-free credentials.”

Ben Parker, Britvic’s retail commercial director in Great Britain, adds, “Innovation in the fruit-flavoured carbonates category is a priority for Tango, with new and exciting sugar-free flavours that align with the brand’s bold and fun personality.”

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