• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Wilkinson Sword cut-through redesign aims to challenge Gillette

3. Wilkinson Sword 1Mb

Popular razor company Wilkinson Sword partnered with B&B studio to reposition itself as “The Blade Masters since 1772”. Modern updates to its logo and products sought to create a unified feel by highlighting the longevity and notoriety of Wilkinson Sword.

The project began by making alterations to the iconic double sword logo. Building upon the flat, one-dimensional graphic it had previously, the redesign gives a greater depth to the swords by using blank space. The new design highlights the razor company’s heritage with the addition of its “since 1772” tagline. The logotype is modernised with a reworking of the Ws, creating a sharper look.


The product packaging aims to look more unified and create familiarity across the brand. This is achieved by using black as the core colour, amplifying the bold text and image of the razor on the packaging.

The brand transformation focuses on consumer-led architecture which aims to make its merchandise system approachable with accessible product naming, universal iconography and a consistent hierarchy. Its purpose is to ensure a clear understanding of Wilkinson Sword products and underscore the brand’s credentials as the ‘ultimate challenger’ to brand leader Gillette. 


Jack Gibbons, design director at B&B, comments, “the new look emphasises the brand’s genuine quality and expertise in a cluttered marketplace.”

The brand’s core razor offer, the Hydro range, is the first to launch with the new design.