• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Vietnam’s biggest logistics and delivery service undergoes expansive rebrand

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Having been named a Vietnam National Brand in 2022 due to its reliability and affordability, Giao Hàng Tiết Kiệm turned to branding and creative agency M — N Associates to craft a new identity and deliver its next journey. The Ho Chi Minh City agency worked to further the brand’s organisational vision as well as its brand strategy, design, internal culture and brand experience.

With a new emphasis placed on the delivery and logistics brand’s innovative solutions, GHTK (as it’s now known) has adopted a new logotype. Inspired by motorcycle wheels, narrow alleys as seen on maps and Vietnam’s rapidly evolving roads, the elements in GHTK’s logo also inform its overall visual identity.

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The new brand typography, DJR Forma Text Black Italic, offers an appropriately bold and speedy appearance. Meanwhile, the revised colour palette is inspired by the vibrancy of Vietnam’s traffic and transportation system, and this is reflected in its choice of ‘Racing Green’, ‘Shadow Green’ and ‘Traffic Orange’ colours.

When designing the brand’s new structure, M — N Associates incorporated human-centric emojis into GHTK’s multi-brand system. In addition to underlining how the redesign held the brand’s need for expansion in mind, it also provides consistency across GHTK’s sub-brands.