• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Unlocking success: The role of brand strategy and purpose in rebranding a national energy company

Interstate Headshot

Matteo Di Iorio, associate partner, creative and brand at Interstate Creative Partners, discusses his agency’s project with Bahrain’s state-owned energy company, Bapco Energies.

In the dynamic landscape of corporate evolution, the rebranding of a national energy company cannot merely be a cosmetic facelift; it should be a strategic revamp that demands a meticulously crafted brand strategy with a purpose that resonates at its core. Great brands are built upon a central idea that serves as the compass guiding every facet of their existence.

Consider the transformation of Bapco Energies as a perfect example. Their perpetual purpose, succinctly stated as ‘to power the next generation’, is not a tagline but a philosophy that permeates every decision and action. At the heart of their rebranding initiative is the powerful belief that they can contribute to transforming Bahrain's future. Their commitment to making a lasting impact on the businesses they collaborate with is fuelled by a dedication to innovation and technology.

While the visual aspects of a brand change are undeniable, its significance transcends aesthetics. A successful rebranding effort should be a catalyst for a holistic shift in the company culture. This is where the brand's purpose takes centre stage, steering the company towards a collective vision that extends beyond today’s profit margins.

A purpose-driven approach ensures that every employee, stakeholder and customer becomes a participant in a shared narrative. The purpose becomes the cornerstone upon which the entire company culture is built, fostering unity, passion and a commitment to a greater cause. The distinctive brand, forged with a singular purpose, goes beyond a logo; it is a living, breathing entity manifested through a comprehensive visual strategy that extends across multiple touchpoints (physical, digital and experiential).

The lesson is clear: rebranding of strategic and essential national assets is not to be taken lightly, failure is not an option and longevity must be assured. It's not just about changing visuals; it's about driving a cultural shift and the purpose is the catalyst that sets the entire transformation in motion.