• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


New CoppaFeel! identity urges UK youngsters to ‘check your chest’

Thumbnail Coppafeel! X Livity Image 3

The UK’s only breast cancer charity for young people sought the help of Livity, a youth specialist and creative studio, to craft a new identity which could reach new audiences. Co-created with young people, the rebrand by Livity aims to be grounded in audience insight and represent the brand’s values as well as capturing attention.

Focusing on the diverse communities it serves, the CoppaFeel! updated identity aims to embody dynamism and vibrancy, as reflected the revised logo and strapline, colour palette and overall visual language.

Lucy Harmony Grimes, lead designer at Livity, says, “Our aim was to craft an identity that acts as an immediate reminder for audiences to self-check. Through a distinctive, tactile, squishy logo, we sought to imbue the branding with the spirit of CoppaFeel!, effectively conveying its message through a visual metaphor, that feels both unique and unmistakably associated with breast cancer awareness.”


Despite also underlining the charity’s evolving nature, the rebrand also needed to encapsulate its brand heritage and core mission: the promotion of early breast cancer detection. CoppaFeel!’s inclusive ethos is at the forefront of the redesign, encouraging all UK youngsters to check their chests.

Martine O’Donnell, marketing director at CoppaFeel!, adds, “The brand refresh marks an exciting evolution for CoppaFeel!. The co-creation process with young people helped us develop a refreshed look and feel informed by insights from our target audience. It was important that we retained the original CoppaFeel! spirit, while giving our creative assets a new lease of life.

“The project is reflective of our commitment to reach younger audiences, with a brand that feels representative and inclusive of diverse communities across the UK. We are thrilled to launch it into the world to help us deliver our lifesaving message.”