• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2024


Mobile bill app transforms into a lifestyle companion

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Airtime, formerly Airtime Rewards, partnered with ODA Branding to outgrow its old mobile bill-paying tool brand identity and be seen as a mobile life companion.

Airtime, a UK-based software company, is an app that connects shoppers with brands they love and mobile networks. It opted to transitioned its identity in a bid to leverage the company's unique mobile proposition.


Following exponential growth in the decade since its launch, Airtime thought it time to position the company as at the epicentre of seamless tech innovation, and this was to be achieved by blurring the boundaries between experiential tech, fintech and mobile lifestyle. 

ODA Branding was tasked with creating a united brand for two distinct audiences; members who want to integrate reward tech into daily life and retail partners who need data.


The logo is a visual representation of the company name with the ‘A’ character showing uplifting, free-flowing motion. 

Meanwhile, 'Rewards' was dropped from the name so that the revised visual identity could instead represent the idea that everyday moments can be rewarding. 


Grant Wills, founder and creative director at ODA, says, “Everything is underpinned by the idea of transformation. We wanted a design system that inherently felt joyful, turning the ordinary into extraordinary so we engineered this into how the assets come together. Everything illustrates the idea of seamless expansion.”