• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Go.Compare undergoes full rebrand as the ‘Champions of Choice’ with Ragged Edge 

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UK’s Go.Compare has made a name for itself as a leading price comparison website. With the rebrand, the site puts its mascot, Gio Compario, at the heart of its identity.

Branding agency Ragged Edge sought to leverage Go.Compare’s fame and encourage people to make an active decision in picking the resource. It sought to cite the company’s differences from other comparison tools, like being the only BIBA certified one.   

“We amplified that difference, positioning Go.Compare as the Champions of Choice,” adds Ragged Edge co-founder, Max Ottignon. 

The project hopes to centre Go.Compare as a respectable, not just popular, resource, exaggerating the mascot’s distinctive features for a charming look. It also highlighted the sponsorship of the Wales national rugby union team. 

The illustrative style comes from the works of artist Rami Niemi, as the project strayed from stock imagery. 

The agency accompanies a witty new verbal identity, the voice of choice, with a custom typeface that echoes warmth and character.


Go.Compare’s marketing director, Paul Rodgers, sees the rebrand as a moment of growth. He says, “Insurance can be heavy going - a grudge purchase. The rebrand has helped us to evolve visually and strategically and given us an even stronger sense of purpose, authority and momentum.”