• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Everland designs rebrand for French alternative seafood company OLALA!

OLALA Logo 1

Hoping to differentiate itself from other plant-based food companies which fail to mention what’s actually on the plate and how it tastes, plant-based seafood company OLALA!’s revised brand aims to break through ordinary taste experiences. Scandinavian brand design agency Everland was responsible for devising an identity that could bring global success.

In designing the brand positioning, communication platform, brand activation and visual identity, Everland sought to capture the ‘taste ambition’ at every touchpoint. The brand plays on the famous French phrase ‘oh là là’, indicating the pleasant surprise consumers get when trying its six products.  

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Mads Hauge Lindum, senior brand strategist at Everland, says, “When nearly all competitors focus on rationality and sustainability, we focus on the emotional aspects of having a great meal. Desires and tastes make for a much more robust platform.”

The idea for adopting a premium identity was inspired by bistros, a place where foodies meet and mingle. Putting the meal centre stage aims to reinforce how OLALA! products are surprisingly tasty, healthy and good for the planet.

“OLALA! is about taste in more than one way,” adds Carl Larsson, creative director and partner at Everland. “It’s about the craft, creativity and a mouth-watering sensation steaming on your plate. It’s understated confidence, verbally and visually; it’s what’s needed to make change happen.”