• Transform magazine
  • April 16, 2024


Crumbl Cookies brand simplified by Turner Duckworth

Crumbl Packaging Boxes

Aiming to bring new life and optimism into Crumbl, it was crucial to the global brand design agency that it maintained the cookie brand’s core values and familiarity. Crumbl’s new visual identity is set to be rolled out soon across its some 800 US outlets, social media and app.

Crumbl’s revised logo design acts as an evolution from the original, as opposed to being a complete transformation. In removing the word ‘cookie’ and the original baker icon, it is hoped that the brand name can stand out, adding to an overall sense of playfulness and indulgence.

Elsewhere, Crumbl Sans, a bespoke typeface crafted by Turner Duckworth, aims to act as a storytelling device while also complementing its new illustration style and product photography.  


Finally, the brand’s iconic ‘Crumbl pink’ was enhanced to make it appear warmer and richer, while a secondary colour palette was inspired by the rotating variety of Crumbl cookie flavours.  

Andy Baron, Turner Duckworth’s executive creative director, says, “The team created a visual identity that can indulge and delight as much as the delicious cookies themselves.”