• Transform magazine
  • June 22, 2024


Collaborative earning app Fluz undergoes vibrant and maximising rebrand

01 Fluz Logo

Fluz partnered with global brand and digital studio Koto to create a colourful rebrand. The design, which centres around the brand essence 'Life on Max', leverages the idea of maximising cashback, and now aims to appeal to a younger generation.

The collaborative earning app, founded in New York, was created in 2018 with the aim of maximising its audience's financial potential. Fluz teamed up with Koto to create a strategic shift in attracting a consumer demographic of people aged 18 to 32. By blending financial transactions and community engagement, the revised identity exudes vibrancy and inclusivity.   


The updated logo, designed to be bold and confident, aims to act as a powerful entry point into the Fluz brand world. The colour palette contains ethereal tones and dark contrasts, designed to help with text legibility and visual impact. The primary typography used is the playful Greed Condensed Semibold, designed to emit energy and offer dynamism across touchpoints. Meanwhile, secondary typeface Area adds clarity and cohesion.


Arthur Foilard, creative director at Koto, commented, “The work we did for Fluz perfectly embodies a brand that truly lives by its vision, highlighted by three essential elements that guarantee its lasting impact. First, consistency: consistently and respectfully using brand assets everywhere, which has been done thanks to our deep collaboration with the founder and his team. 

“Second, flexibility: ensuring that every touchpoint and piece of communication feels uniquely Fluz. And third, distinctiveness: staying true to the original vision and making brand and business decisions that align with it.”