• Transform magazine
  • March 03, 2024


Addicted to Recovery movement adopts optimistic identity

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Hoping to challenge what it deems to be common misconceptions around addiction, the Addicted to Recovery movement centres around a podcast by the same name that launched this week. Turning to EveryFriday, the London-based creative agency crafted an identity that aims to give hope to those struggling with addiction.

By developing the brand idea ‘through the fog of addiction, there is hope’, EveryFriday sought to capture what it discovered to be the true feelings people face when suffering from an addiction: numbness, emptiness, disconnection and feeling lost. However, the brand also a has positive message in which these feelings are described in relation to journeying towards the light of recovery.

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Dan Fernandez, co-founder and creative director of EveryFriday, says, “It takes immense strength to confront addiction, and people in their most vulnerable moments are often met with condemnation and authority instead of hope and support. From websites that look more like the DVLA, to skulls, syringes and dark, distressing scenes, everywhere we looked, fear appeal had been employed as a strategy to inspire change. However, these tactics only serve to create feelings of guilt and shame, which is not helpful. Where is the empathy? The hope? Where’s the way out?

“Not good enough. Our approach tackles the real fear: recovery. The fear of stopping. The fear of facing up to the truth. And it uses that fear as a driver for change. Recovery is great. Recovery is fucking beautiful.”