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  • July 01, 2022


Travel agency promises a piece of paradise

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The luxury travel sector is a lucrative, yet competitive, market. In a bid to stand out, Sovereign Luxury Travelhas rebranded as Sovereign – Paradise Found.

A new visual identity, designed by London-based SomeOne, will drive this message home.

The rebrand was built upon customer research that sought to unravel the public’s current attitude towards luxury goods. The research found that the luxury market has become confused and cluttered. More and more companies that define themselves as luxury now offer money-saving deals.

Lisa Edwards-Webb, head of customer engagement says, “Luxury means many things to many people, and these days the word is so often used to describe a variety of very different offerings. You’ll find over a quarter of a million results when you type ‘luxury’ into TripAdvisor and that’s an awful lot of luxury options to wade through. Therefore, it has become extremely difficult for customers to be sure that what they are being offered fits with their personal idea of luxury. For this reason, we made the decision to take a step back, differentiate ourselves and focus on each customer’s ever changing and varied needs in order to help them find their own little slice of heaven.”

The new name and strapline Sovereign, Paradise Found promises customers a personalised, perfect holiday by acknowledging that luxury means different things to different people.

The new visual identity uses a light colour palette and a maze motif that represents Sovereigns role; to negotiate the maze of different holiday options for its customers.


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