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  • February 22, 2024


#Transform Tuesday: 26 May

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Every week, Transform examines recent rebrands and updated visual identities. This week’s picks are below. For more from #TransformTuesday, follow @Transformsays

1. Kokoro & Moi’s treatment of the Guggenheim Helsinki’s NOW exhibition used colour and shapes to promote a feeling of accessibility.

2. Marmite has submitted a trademark application for its logo emblazoned with ‘Summer of Love.’ This follows the viral campaign portraying neglected jars of Marmite.

3. The JKR rebrand of iconic British brand PG Tips embraces flat design and focuses solely on the wordmark, eliminating tea-based imagery from the once-crowded packaging.

4. Texas studio Helms Workshop revamped the long-standing Southern Comfort visual identity, bottle and packaging. The new brand retains its traditional feel but allows for a more modern approach.

5. Last week, Apple announced it was transforming its Beats Music/Beats Apple offer into a new service, Apple Music. Though the format is yet to be determined, the new brand will see it challenge streaming giant Spotify.

6. The U.S.’s top real estate site, Realtor.com, received a bold brand refresh as it seeks to increase brand awareness and present a modern front for new partner, NewsCorp.

7. New Zealand-based law firm Meredith Connell has followed many other law firms facing a competitive, tough market and looked to a rebrand to promote a point of differentiation. The new rebrand is colourful and stark at once, while eschewing the traditional keyline and serif font of its old brand.

8. Longstanding tourism brand 100% Pure New Zealand unveiled a new look alongside a shift in focus from New Zealand’s propsering film industry to its unrivalled natural beauty and diversity as a tourist destination.

9. Eleven-year-old Wizz Air turned to Futurebrand – fast becoming the go-to agency for the airline industry – for a brand refresh. The purple and magenta colour pallette remains the same yet Futurebrand says the new visual identity will bring an added sophistication and maturity to the budget liner.

10. London agency Lucky Generals has rebranded Hostelworld, to better appeal to Millennials. It’s new slogan, ‘Meet the World’ presents a friendly, yet encouraging face to spur young people to travel.

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