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  • July 01, 2022


LendInvest launch colourful new brand


On 2 September, peer-to-peer property investor LendInvest launched a colourful brand identity.

It aims to match its image with a renewed focus on making property investment widely available to a more diverse customer base.

The rebrand comes after London-based LendInvest announced its expansion to a wider target audience after dropping its minimum investment platform to £1,000 at the beginning of 2015. Fixed at £50,000 since 2013, property investment had previously only been available to high net-worth investors with a more corporate brand value. In 2014, LendInvest financed £300m worth of loans, while securing a £3.1m profit.

Led by new chief marketing officer Bart Boezeman, who has previous credentials at Microsoft, DesignStudio were the branding house of choice for collaboration. Fresh colour choices of yellow, turquoise and steel are hoped to move LendInvest away from an identity shrouded in high-income corporate investment characterised by a dark blue and purple logo. A new colour choice and a more modern brand style is hoped to cement the newer, more public direction of LendInvest.

LendInvest CEO, Christian Faes, says, "We now have the foundations to build a truly mainstream brand in financial services. As part of this process we've done a tonne of research and testing with existing customers, and different prospective consumer demographics, along with our own team. People are fed up with the banks, and both investors and borrowers are looking for new (and better) ways to do things. This is at the core of what we're about at LendInvest, and this is what we are portraying with our new branding."

This brand renovation comes in the months after Beijing-based firm Kunlun, with central business investments in gaming, social communications and technology, struck a deal to provide a £22m investment to LendInvest. It is hoped that the financing provided by Kunlun will accelerate the growth LendInvest needs for a public offering in 2016.





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