• Transform magazine
  • October 24, 2019


Experience over product

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US-based car rental marketplace, RelayRides, has renamed itself Turo.

The new brand includes an entirely new visual identity, website and photographic material. Rather than the service it provides, the new brand focuses on the experiences made possible by car rental.

In a similar business model to modern tech companies like Airbnb, Turo puts vehicle owners directly in touch with potential renters. With this formula, Turo aims to compete with the more traditional rental agencies.

The new brand, created by DesignStudio’s San Francisco team, reflects these ambitions. The new brand inspires adventure and emphasises individuality through the idea that no two journeys are the same. 

Pete McClelland, creative director at DesignStudio, says, “The rebrand looked to challenge the perception of the typical rental car. Rather than a faceless fleet, Turo celebrates individuality and makes the car a more integral part of our adventure.”

The new visual identity makes use of aspirational photography, typography with an editorial tone and a simple colour palette. The new name - which evokes the Italian word for touring, 'turismo' - was created by Lexicon, a global brand naming company. The new name and logo mark the starting point of a journey and the entire brand is positioned to inspire adventure and travel.

Turo was launched with a brand film, created thorugh collaboration with Camp4 Collective, a new online experience, including a user-generated blog called Adventure Stories, and an app. Each of DesignStudios team took part in their own car rental adventure, and documented their experience for the blog, this generated authentic content that set the tone for the brand.


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