• Transform magazine
  • May 26, 2024


Roc Technologies elevates its branding with Designhouse

After Rebrand Website

Technology services provider Roc Technologies sought to improve its visual identity and user experience with the help of Designhouse. The altered visual identity includes a mythical creature, and has been introduced across the brand’s website, brochures, social media assets and sales materials.

Digital innovation and IT services company Roc Technologies felt that its interface was in need of some digital innovation of its own. In an effort to elevate itself and stand out from competitors, Roc Technologies partnered with brand and design agency Designhouse. 

Part of this transformation was simplifying the website to create a more functional, straightforward user experience to better communicate offerings to potential clients.


Another part of the project was delivering a revitalised visual identity. Inspired by the Roc bird, a flying mythical creature with talons strong enough to carry an elephant, Designhouse implemented this visual device with feathered wings to demonstrate strength and agility. 

Overall, Designhouse’s approach aimed to highlight the security, reliability and clarity at the heart of Roc’s solutions through the logo and brand elements across the company’s touchpoints. 

Design director at Designhouse, Matt Gillman, adds, “The team at Roc were open throughout the process with a refreshingly honest approach to exploring new directions to help frame their visual narrative and form their language.

“Designhouse were able to… evolve a brand solution that cuts through the complexity of its digital solutions and communicates an expert offering clearly across its sector landscape.”