• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2019



Craft, heritage and revolution for the water of life


The perception of whisky is shifting away from the dusty bottle on the old man’s liquor shelf. Younger consumers, digital communications and packaging technologies have led to a revolution in the ways in which whisky brands c...

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Not what the future used to be


Post-recession, bank brands are in a period of transition. Many are trying to account for their past discrepancies while preparing for a future wholly different from that which they had envisioned. David Benady reports...

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Creative culture: Dubai Lynx inspires a region


Photo courtesy of PPAMPicture/iStock by Getty Images The annual Dubai Lynx Festival of Creativity celebrates creative communications. Speakers and sponsors of the event all approach cr...

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Two’s company: Jim Prior on running brand agencies


It’s been nearly a year since Jim Prior added the stewardship of Lambie Nairn to his existing role as CEO of the Partners. He and Andrew Thomas discuss the challenges of running not just one but two global brand agencies...

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Raising the black flag: Carre Noir’s CEO interviewed


This year Christophe Fillatre celebrates his tenth anniversary at Carré Noir. Andrew Thomas caught up with the president of the personality-driven French brand agency. With its d...

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Be true to yourself


The language brands use is not only exemplary of their communications strategies, but is derived from the personality, nature and identity of the company itself. Ruth Wyatt explains why it’s important to maintain consistency...

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Brandwatch: Sapphire-tinted glasses


Huawei is becoming the world’s most innovative and successful telecommunications manufacturer and service provider. But western markets remain unconvinced. Andrew Harrison explores Huawei’s forays outside its Chinese home of...

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Make yourself at home


The brand experience at airline lounges rarely extends beyond free food and drink. For MyLounge, No.1 Traveller wanted to redefine the lounge, resulting in a considered, consistent experience that draws the visual identity in...

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A rose by any other name


Naming a company, brand or product is not as simple as adding ‘i’ to the beginning of a word. A name has to invoke a sense of what it is trying to describe, while avoiding the potential intellectual property and translation i...

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Digital strategy and the lap of luxury


Luxury brands are some of the most prominent retailers in the Middle East and North Africa, and yet their brand strategies and digital communications largely fail to cater to local audiences. How can luxury brands adapt their...

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