• Transform magazine
  • July 18, 2019



Brand profile: Starbucks


Coffee culture is determined by local factors. Thus, when building a global coffee brand, Starbucks has to take into account the diverse global consumer audience as well as architectural and design differences when focusing o...

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Brand timeline: Volkswagen


Volkswagen has been around since the origins of the motor vehicle. Founded in 1904 in Germany, Volkswagen famously means ‘People’s car.’ It has a strange history as it was originally championed by Adolf Hitler, run by the Bri...

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Brand profile: Siemens


Less than a year after the appointment of a new CEO, Siemens started a brand revitalization process. Now, halfway through that journey, the brand team shares its progress with Andrew Thomas...

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Buried treasure: Changing the forecourt retail experience


Forecourt retail is a long-neglected sector, yet it has the potential to have an impact on the bottom line of fuel retailers. How can companies reinvigorate this sector with a focus on brand experience and design. Brittany Go...

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How to repot a brand


Sometimes, like a plant that outgrows its pot, a brand must adapt to accommodate changes to its products or sector. How do organisations faced with this challenge approach rebranding, renaming and repositioning. Emily Andrews...

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Brand experience: Weber

Weber 2.jpg

User experience centred around moments, recipes and interactive content is the focus for a digital platform developed for barbecue purveyor Weber. How does its success reflect the brand’s approach to experience? Brittany Golo...

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Nation branding: Indonesia


Jakarta, rife with traffic and infrastructure problems, is not for the faint of heart says Samantha North, despite the appealing tourism destination on offer in the Indonesian capital...

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Bright futures: Sustainable and flexible packaging

bottles.jpg (1)

Interests in sustainability, flexibility and colour palettes have changed the way packaging is approached globally. What does the future hold for FMCG and food and drink brands in terms of packaging design, production and sup...

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Brand in action: Suez

Screen shot 2015-10-12 at 10.52.16 AM.jpg

Who: Suez Environnement What: More than 40 sub-brands worldwide were unified under their parent company, Suez Environnement, a French utility company. GLIMMA, a brand implementation agency, was asked to prepare the rebranding of 500 sites...

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Spotlight on MEC


Founded in 1971 as a mountaineering and sporting equipment company, but with 71% of customers now living in cities, it was time for the Mountain Equipment Co-op to change. Emily Andrews reports on the newly-minted MEC...

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