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  • July 18, 2018



Edgier identity unveiled for European football competition


The UEFA Europa League has united football fans and players for almost fifty years. In preparation for the upcoming season, the league has released a refreshed identity to engage fans and keep up with the dynamic nature of the...

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Controversial crest redesign for Leeds United

Leeds crest.jpg

Located in the county of West Yorkshire, the city of Leeds is the UK’s fourth biggest urban economy. The city is the largest financial and legal centre after London, and its dense urban population means, among other things, th...

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Billion dollar brands

Leicester city.jpg

For the 2015/16 football season, the Barclays Premier League was won by Leicester City FC. Considering that, as recently as December 2015, the odds based on its likelihood were 5000/...

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Moving the brand goalposts

US Soccer flags.jpg

Given the task of assigning a sport to the US, one could be forgiven for immediately thinking of baseball, basketball, or even American football. All are huge entertainment spectacles involving heady amounts of sponsorship and...

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A league of its own


Football is inarguably the biggest sport in the UK. Rainy Sunday leagues often dominate childhood, football is a major topic of conversation during social occasions and unwavering support for chosen teams can cause the most he...

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Football League renamed

EFL logo.jpg

The rebranding of the Football League will include a new name, English Football League. The new title, which will come into use at the conclusion of the current season, will be short...

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A rock and a hard place

The Rock of Gibraltar stands at a mighty and auspicious precipice. It overlooks three countries, two continents, one of the most important bodies of water in the history of the world and the place in which the Atlantic Ocean e...

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