• Transform magazine
  • June 16, 2019


Football League renamed

EFL logo.jpg

The rebranding of the Football League will include a new name, English Football League.

The new title, which will come into use at the conclusion of the current season, will be shortened to EFL for everyday use.

The new brand includes a new visual identity and logo containing 72 ball shapes to represent the 72 clubs that make-up the League. The new logo is the fourth in the 127-year history of the world’s original league football competition and, for the first time, an individually tailored version will be attributed to each club in its individual playing colours.

Shaun Harvey, The Football League’s chief executive, says, "The new EFL name rightly emphasises the central role our clubs play at the heart of English professional football. In an increasingly challenging global sports market, it is absolutely essential that sports properties can project a modern identity that not only resonates with their regular audience but is also easily recognisable to a broader audience of potential fans, viewers and commercial partners.”

The rebrand to EFL follows a consultation process that included surveys, interviews and focus groups with clubs, stakeholders, commercial partners and more than 18,000 football supporters. The EFL will retain its three divisions, popular since their introduction in 2004.


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