• Transform magazine
  • April 24, 2019



BBC Creative and Superunion launch new idents for BBC Two


In the first refresh of BBC Two for 20 years, BBC Creative is continuing the rollout of its new brand, alongside Superunion. The result conveys a clear attention to detail on a variety of subjects, complimenting the station’s...

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Run like a girl, score like a girl


It’s 2018 and gender stereotypes may finally be a thing of the past. Pink is not defined as a colour for girls and football is no longer a sport exclusive to boys. With that mind...

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Radio 1 rebrands to reconcile heritage with a modern audience


BBC Radio 1 is getting older while its audience stays the same age: enter Mother Design for a branding facelift. At...

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Ice cold warmth for Norwegian telco brand

Ice – Website Images – Master – 11.jpg

Norway is bisected by the Arctic Circle, meaning that for nearly half the year, across nearly half the country, there is a lot of ice. One of its biggest telecoms companies, ice.net similarly covers about 80% of the Norwegian...

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Weight Watchers loses the weight to become WW

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 4.37.44 pm.png

Often, brands that begin as pioneers in their industries, that become the trendsetters and leading voices, fizzle out over time. If they fail to reinvent themselves or fail to adapt to new customer needs or simply, fail. But...

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Pastry company bakes brand awareness into fresh campaign


Not that anyone needs more encouragement to like pastry, but creative agency Space has produced a campaign for manufacturer of frozen pastry, Jus-Rol, to rekindle people’s love for the brand. The campaign follows Jus-Rol’s ne...

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Beauty Bay’s makeover for digital-first strategy


With a rebellious proposition to ‘Break the Rules’ and an arresting visual identity that incorporates bright colours and bold imagery, Beauty Bay has cleverly decided to turn its focus on its biggest target audience of 16-25...

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Opinion: Should brands take a stand in controversy?

Ben Hayman pic.jpg

In the recent Nike campaign, it’s been interesting to look into the lessons of how brands should manage risk when tackling controversy through brand purpose, says Ben Hayman of brand purpose consultancy Given...

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Dunkin' drops Donuts, still has doughnuts


According to Research and Markets, a market tracking and research organisation, global consumption of doughnuts is expected to rise by 5.47% by 2021. Anecdotally, artisan doughnut stands are popping up in markets and neighbou...

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Oreo and Cadbury tempt consumers with sugar-induced joy

Joy Fills.jpg

Snacks may not bring happiness, but they can definitely help. The perfect companion to a hot cup of tea on a rainy afternoon, Oreo and Cadbury haven't become two of the most well-known snack brands for no reason....

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