• Transform magazine
  • February 20, 2018



An audio brand for Alpine energy

Alperia 5.png

In the northernmost point of Italy, close to its borders with Austria and Switzerland, lies South Tyrol. Harnessing a mixture of Italian and Germanic cultural heritage, the province is situated entirely in the Alps, lending S...

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Five minutes with David Ciccarelli

David Ciccarelli.jpg

From humble beginnings in a studio-cum-flat to presiding over an $18 million growth investment by Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital in July 2017, the founder and CEO of voiceover marketplace Voices.com, David Ciccarelli, has m...

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Opinion: How can audio brands go beyond the 'bing bong?'

Roscoe - MassiveMusic.jpg

Audio branding should go beyond the 'bing bong,' says Roscoe Williamson. How can companies learn from the past and from their own sectors to craft a sonic logo that stands out? L...

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Start the music


Music has traditionally been a secondary consideration for brand managers and agencies. Audio branding is changing that. Steve Keller, CEO of iV2 audio branding shares key insights on the value of music, sound and audio brand...

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Chocolate and audio branding

British Museum of Food (credit Ann Charlott Ommedal).jpg

While there is a general awareness of the potential for brands to better engage with the public’s senses in order to optimise engagement, there is still a lack of understanding among organisations with regards to harnessing t...

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UBS shares strategic transformation

UBS landscape.jpeg

Financial services firm, UBS, has announced a new and unconventional brand relaunch. The strategic transformation includes a new brand design, tone of voice and a sonic logo. The...

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North American branding work to be recognised


As a region, North America has a diverse branding industry. Its strong history in advertising makes the US a world leader in creative, yet the nation is still undergoing an evolution in terms of integrating strategy into this work. However...

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Audio branding professionals to meet in Berlin


Brand identity and communications go beyond what can be seen with the eyes. Sound is just one of the multisensory tools now used by brands to create a deeper and more nuanced communication with their audiences. The Hamburg-based Audio Bran...

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Sight loss charity seeks audio logo


Sound has long been critical to the way that consumers experience brand. Humming the Coca-Cola sound-byte in your head will likely conjure up images of red lorries, Santa Clauses, and various other snippets of The Coca-Cola Company iconogr...

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Transform Asia Pacific Conference to take place 19 November


In June, brand and communications professionals descended on Dubai for a half-day conference discussing rebranding, brand development and repositioning. The next Transform event, the Transform Conference Asia Pacific, will take place in Ho...

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